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Your New Floor
Options Tiles - Avellino Grey Blue
Rhinofloor Options Tiles-Avellino Grey Blue    
ONLY £14.99 per m²
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  2.5mm thick
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  0.25mm wear layer
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  R10 slip resistant
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  15 year manufacturers guarantee
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Mechanical emboss
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Hygienic
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Easy clean
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Sound insulating
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Suitable for under floor heating
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Very good resistance to household chemicals
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Anti Allergenic
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Suitable for heavy domestic use
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Easy fit
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  
Design Specifics:
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  20cm white squares with 4.5cm blue keysquare design
Also available in:
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Odyssey Midnight
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Odyssey Ice White
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Odyssey Dust Storm

Rhinofloor Options Tiles
So tough its beautiful


With an impressive 15 year guarantee, this superior range is ideal for those looking to invest in a floor that can be enjoyed for years to come. A vast array of patterns within the collection makes the Options range one of Rhinofloors most versatile. With options available for classic and contemporary interior schemes, many designs will outlive evolving fixtures and fittings becoming a valuable asset to any home. With a sophisticated appearance, this first rate collection of tile designs introduces stone and ceramic patterns to create an elegant setting. With several colour and shape combinations available, the collections flexibility allows a tile floor to be incorporated into any room.


2m Width
2m x 2m £59.96 Buy
2m x 2.5m £74.95 Buy
2m x 3m £89.94 Buy
2m x 3.5m £104.93 Buy
2m x 4m £119.92 Buy
2m x 4.5m £134.91 Buy
2m x 5m £149.90 Buy
2m x 5.5m £164.89 Buy
2m x 6m £179.88 Buy
2m x 6.5m £194.87 Buy
2m x 7m £209.86 Buy
2m x 7.5m £224.85 Buy
2m x 8m £239.84 Buy
2m x 8.5m £254.83 Buy
2m x 9m £269.82 Buy
2m x 9.5m £284.81 Buy
2m x 10m £299.80 Buy
Your New Floor
3m Width
3m x 2m £89.94 Buy
3m x 2.5m £112.43 Buy
3m x 3m £134.91 Buy
3m x 3.5m £157.39 Buy
3m x 4m £179.88 Buy
3m x 4.5m £202.37 Buy
3m x 5m £224.85 Buy
3m x 5.5m £247.33 Buy
3m x 6m £269.82 Buy
3m x 6.5m £292.31 Buy
3m x 7m £314.79 Buy
3m x 7.5m £337.28 Buy
3m x 8m £359.76 Buy
3m x 8.5m £382.25 Buy
3m x 9m £404.73 Buy
3m x 9.5m £427.22 Buy
3m x 10m £449.70 Buy
Your New Floor
4m Width
4m x 2m £119.92 Buy
4m x 2.5m £149.90 Buy
4m x 3m £179.88 Buy
4m x 3.5m £209.86 Buy
4m x 4m £239.84 Buy
4m x 4.5m £269.82 Buy
4m x 5m £299.80 Buy
4m x 5.5m £329.78 Buy
4m x 6m £359.76 Buy
4m x 6.5m £389.74 Buy
4m x 7m £419.72 Buy
4m x 7.5m £449.70 Buy
4m x 8m £479.68 Buy
4m x 8.5m £509.66 Buy
4m x 9m £539.64 Buy
4m x 9.5m £569.62 Buy
4m x 10m £599.60 Buy
Your New Floor

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