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Your New Floor
Gripstar - Rock Middle Beige
Tarkett Gripstar-Rock Middle Beige    
ONLY £11.49 per m²
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  2.6mm thick
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  0.25mm wear layer
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  7 year guarantee
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  R10 slip resistant
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Quiet underfoot
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Easy to clean and maintain
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Mechanical emboss
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Comfort foam backing
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Hygienic
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Easy fit
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Suitable for under floor heating
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Very good resistance to household chemicals
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Anti allergenic
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Sound insulating
Design Specifics:
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Beige mottle design
Also available in:
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Sarondo Alu Brown
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Sarondo Black
Low Cost Vinyl Flooring  Sarondo Blue Silver


Tarkett Gripstar vinyl flooring offers a great combination of colours and designs for the modern or traditional home, with all the practiicality of a cushioned floor. The slip resistance provides protection for you and your family in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, whilst keeping comfort in mind and providing warmth underfoot.


2m Width
2m x 2m £45.96 Buy
2m x 2.5m £57.45 Buy
2m x 3m £68.94 Buy
2m x 3.5m £80.43 Buy
2m x 4m £91.92 Buy
2m x 4.5m £103.41 Buy
2m x 5m £114.90 Buy
2m x 5.5m £126.39 Buy
2m x 6m £137.88 Buy
2m x 6.5m £149.37 Buy
2m x 7m £160.86 Buy
2m x 7.5m £172.35 Buy
2m x 8m £183.84 Buy
2m x 8.5m £195.33 Buy
2m x 9m £206.82 Buy
2m x 9.5m £218.31 Buy
2m x 10m £229.80 Buy
Your New Floor
3m Width
3m x 2m £68.94 Buy
3m x 2.5m £86.18 Buy
3m x 3m £103.41 Buy
3m x 3.5m £120.65 Buy
3m x 4m £137.88 Buy
3m x 4.5m £155.12 Buy
3m x 5m £172.35 Buy
3m x 5.5m £189.58 Buy
3m x 6m £206.82 Buy
3m x 6.5m £224.06 Buy
3m x 7m £241.29 Buy
3m x 7.5m £258.52 Buy
3m x 8m £275.76 Buy
3m x 8.5m £293.00 Buy
3m x 9m £310.23 Buy
3m x 9.5m £327.46 Buy
3m x 10m £344.70 Buy
Your New Floor
4m Width
4m x 2m £91.92 Buy
4m x 2.5m £114.90 Buy
4m x 3m £137.88 Buy
4m x 3.5m £160.86 Buy
4m x 4m £183.84 Buy
4m x 4.5m £206.82 Buy
4m x 5m £229.80 Buy
4m x 5.5m £252.78 Buy
4m x 6m £275.76 Buy
4m x 6.5m £298.74 Buy
4m x 7m £321.72 Buy
4m x 7.5m £344.70 Buy
4m x 8m £367.68 Buy
4m x 8.5m £390.66 Buy
4m x 9m £413.64 Buy
4m x 9.5m £436.62 Buy
4m x 10m £459.60 Buy
Your New Floor

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