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Things To Consider

Which room are you planning to lay the floor?

The use of the living space you are planning to lay new floor in, should play a key part in your choice of flooring. Whereas a hallway will need something hard-wearing to cope with the amount of traffic it is likely to deal with, a bathroom area might require something that will not swell if it gets slightly wet from a spillage.

Generally speaking, we would recommend not laying a real wood or laminate floor in a bathroom as it will absorb dripping water and become unsightly as it swells at the joints. The humidity levels caused by a hot shower will also cause swelling. A vinyl floor would be a better option.

Do you have young children? Do you have pets?

The ability to keep a floor looking and feeling like new is obviously very much dependant on its use. A real wood floor and, to some extent a vinyl floor, will scratch far more easily than a laminate so please be aware of how the room will be used. You don’t want tyre tracks from a toy or scratches from animal’s claws in your brand new floor.

You want something hardwearing and easy to maintain.

Your home environment

Depending on the style of your house, you may wish to opt for a machine-perfect, modern-looking flooring or you may wish to have something that will change over time, adding character with a more natural-look.

How long do you wish the floor to last?

Some people choose to replace their floor every time they decorate that particular room, others will prefer to keep the floor and match their d├ęcor to it. The usage-life of your floor will influence the type of product you select.

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